Your own digital home fitness solution

Deliver your fitness programs from your trainers under your brand to members at home through your app and website. Monetise these programs by limiting access to members-only and offering in-app purchase.

Branded, super-easy, fully integrated platform

  • Live Streaming. Super-easy streaming – one click for members to join a workout. More info >
  • Re-Streaming Use previously-recorded streams as live streams and free-up trainers
  • On-Demand Video Manage and deliver your own video content library in your app
  • 3rd Party Content Optionally supplement your videos with high-quality, curated workout programs from selected 3rd-party content providers
  • Shopfront in-app and on-Web Promote your programs through a dynamic shopfront in the app and on your website
  • Built-in Monetisation Use your programs to retain existing members, re-join lapsed members and generate new revenue
myFitApp@home Live Streaming in branded member app

Live Streaming Super-easy for even non-technical members

Start and watch your live stream directly in your branded app with a single click. More info >


  • Directly in your branded app with a single click
  • No codes, no searching for links
  • No additional apps or websites required

Super-easy live stream management. Automated Stream creation.

Managing your schedules is super easy in the Event Schedule in the web cockpit. Schedule your recurring streams with a few clicks and all streams are created automatically for you. 

Whether you are a single gym, a large chain or a franchise the Event Schedule has you covered. And with the sophisticated security functions, you can delegate administrative functions to individual teams or branches according to your needs.

myFitApp@home Live Streaming management with automatic stream creation

Easy Broadcasting for Trainers Stream directly from your own branded app

Your trainers don’t want to be stressed out by tech! With a single click in your branded app trainers can start live video broadcasting. More info >


  • No codes, no emailing or searching for links
  • No additional apps and websites required
  • As intuitive as recording a video
myFitApp@home Trainers can live stream directly from branded member app
myFitApp@home live stream a previously recorded video

Re-Streaming Use previously-recorded streams as live streams

Save your trainers’ time while offering live-streaming throughout the day.

You members get the same motivating user-experience without you having to tie-up your trainers.

App and Web Shopfronts Promote your content, keep members engaged, generate new revenue


  • In your own branded app. Add the shopfront directly in your app. You decide where and how it’s promoted.
  • On your Website. Integrate the web shopfront on your website. Customise the look with custom CSS stylesheets so it fits your design.
  • Live Stream Web Widget The live stream schedule can be embedded on your website using our web widgets. 
myFitApp@home live streaming and on-demand video in branded member app and website

On-Demand video you control Manage and deliver your own video content library

Upload your video content to the Video Content Management System (CMS) in the same cockpit you use to manage your branded app.


  • Drag & Drop video upload
  • Categorise and curate your videos
  • View and manage live stream recordings
myFitApp@home Upload your own videos and create curate
myFitApp@home use third party videos for your on-demand shopfront

3rd Party Content Supplement your content with high-quality 3rd-party content

We have partnered with industry leading providers of high-quality, curated fitness workout videos. You can optionally choose to supplement your content with these 3rd-party workouts.


  • Fully integrated — select and mix 3rd-party content with your own
  • Can be monetized just like your own content
  • Continuously fresh, industry-leading content
myFitApp@home Monetize your content with digital memberships or use for retention

Monetise through membership Retain existing members and encourage lapsed members to re-join

  • Retain Deliver your programs to members even when centre class spaces are limited,
  • Re-join Win your lapsed members back by including a digital offering in your memberships.
  • Integrated with your LMS We’re already integrated with major Leisure Management Software systems so you can limit access to the memberships you choose. No special logins or codes, this works seamlessly for your members, now, in-app and on-web. Check if your system is already integrated.

Monetise through in-app purchase Generate revenue from digital-only memberships and pay-per-view

  • Digital Memberships Generate additional revenue with digital-only memberships.
  • Pay-per-view Let guests, friends and those on lower-tier memberships experience your digital programs. You earn additional revenue with a route to gaining additional full members.
  • In-app purchase is the highest conversion-rate way of paying for digital content in apps. One-click payment gives you the best conversion-rate and maximises your return on digital content.
myFitApp@home Monetize your fitness video content with in-app purchase

Built-in marketing Promote your content with built-in marketing tools

  • Automated Push Messaging
  • In-app messages with direct click-through
  • Targeted campaigns with Marketing Automation
  • Banner Promotions on your homescreen
  • QR Codes, NFC Scans and App Deep-Links for direct click-through from social media
myFitApp@home Built-in Marketing tools to promote videos and streams with push messages
myFitApp@home customer Active Leeds
myFitApp@home customer South Downs Leisure
myFitApp@home customer Active Tameside

myFitApp live-streaming is just what we’ve been looking for. It’s our brand, it’s easy for our trainers and easy for members who can watch on their phones or on a laptop via our website. The myFitApp team have done a stunning job getting this running rock-solidly so quickly.

Duncan Anderson

CEO, South Downs Leisure

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