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Increase your gym membership sales with our Lead Generation module. It’s the perfect, in-expensive marketing tool to get your refer a friend gym promotion out there. Your members send your offer to their friends, family and work colleagues, via six different channels, giving them a link to register their interest. It’s that easy!

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Advantages of gym Lead Generation

  • Fast Create a campaign in a few minutes.
  • Effective Your members send your offer via six different channels to their friends.
  • Cost-efficient No print costs, no complicated forms.
  • Measurable Clear reports – who recommended whom, when and through which channel?



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Lead generation

How gym Lead Generation works Your members will send your offer to their friends, family and work colleagues

With one click your member gets to your offer. Now they enter their name and then they can send the offer to friends, family or work colleagues via one of the six channels.


Lead Generation is easy for gym members and for friends

Because it’s integrated in to your app, it’s easy for members – they can refer friends using email, text or social media like WhatsApp, Twitter or Facebook. And it’s easy for their friends too – they don’t need to have the app, a few clicks to provide their details and they’re done.

Automated and fully GDPR-compliant

Lead-generation is completely automated – with your own gym referal programme you get a continual stream of new leads in the cockpit. And our gym sales software is fully GDPR-compliant so you don’t need to worry about “keeping it legal”.

Extend to social media, web, email and in-club

You can extend your Lead Generation campaign and gym referral program outside your app by using our built-in integrations to social-media, web and email. You can also use QR codes for in-club posters and leaflets. All the leads come in to the cockpit where you can manage them in one place. Simple, easy, universal.

Best of all Everything is completely measurable

In the cockpit you can see in clear reports, who has recommended whom, when and through which channel. You always have a detailed overview of the current status of each individual lead. It could not be simpler.

Lead generation reportin

Within weeks, you can generate more incremental revenue with our tool, than the app costs.

Our customers love Lead Generation


The in-App Lead Generation feature makes it easy to keep track of Refer a Friend campaigns. The process is very simple and clear and increases leads.

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