Access Control

Tap or scan gym entry

With Access Control, members are able to get into the gym or sign into classes & activities quickly and easily with just one tap or scan in your branded member app.

For 24 hour gym access control, look no further.

Access control gate and scan tag

Transform your members’ journey

  • Increased revenue. With fraud protection, plus no need to spend money on card, tag or band production.
  • Works with current solutions and LMS. Quick, seamless integration with your entry cards, bands & tags and LMS.
  • Simple attendance recording. Members can tap or scan into classes and activities with this door entry system option.
  • Impress your members with a great user experience. They will love this modern and convenient approach to gym access control.
  • Increase app usage. Give your members another reason to download, and use, your app.
  • Environmentally friendly. Reduce plastic usage and minimise the spread of disease.

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Access control in action

Access Control How does it work?

A branded entry tag is added to your gate, reception or door entry system for your gym. Your members can simply tap their smartphone on the tag to gain entry, if their phone supports NFC. It’s quick and easy, and they don’t even need to open an app!

If their smartphone doesn’t support NFC, they can scan the QR code using your branded app or their camera.

Using your app for gym access control The requirements


  • Any smartphone – iOS or Android
  • New module in App for non-NFC phone users
  • Quick and easy software installation
  • Members require either network or WiFi connectivity
Access control scan
Access control scan

Fraud prevention Increase your revenue

Increase revenue by ensuring access to your gym is secure and eliminating the chance of fraudulent activity. With cards, tags, bands and now even some app solutions, members can copy or share logins and grant entry to the gym to their friends. By limiting Access Control to one device, you can prevent sharing or spoofing. You can also save money on card, tag or band production.

Only one primary device can be used for your gym access control system. This means that logins can only be used by the member they belong to. A primary device can be reset for genuine changes (e.g. a new phone) by your team.

As well as this, the device location must be on a designated site. This prevents a non-member asking a remote member to grant them access to your gym.

Compatible with current solutions Integrate with your LMS

There is no requirement to move away from your current access solutions, you can keep your cards, tags and bands as well as implementing Access Control. This gives your members a choice and allows a smooth transition to using the gym access solution.

Access Control will also integrate seamlessly with your current LMS, with a quick and easy set up:

1. Simply place your branded tag on your gate, door or reception desk

2. Install software with remote support from our team

3. Customise your entry access message for users

4. Done! With ongoing support from our team

LMS compatible

Environmentally friendly Protect the planet and your team

Moving away from plastic cards, tags and bands not only saves on costs, it also protects the environment, keeping your plastic usage down.

You will also be protecting your staff by eliminating the need for members to hand over cards to the team at reception; reducing the spread of germs and disease.

Record members’ attendance From gym classes to activities

With our 24 hour gym access control, you can decide where the entry tags are placed around your gym or centre. This means not only can you grant entry to the gym, you can also check in members to class bookings and activities.

Access control tag in gym
{We were pleasantly surprised by the ease with which it was retrofitted to our existing hardware and new software. As many of our users are part of university sports teams with highly ambitious goals, our staff would often be put in the difficult position of turning them away from their training sessions. Now with the alternative option of using myFitApp’s Access Control, no facility user ever has to be turned away again.
Loughborough University
Ben Carne
Strategic Insights Manager, Loughborough University
{The Access Control solution has been very well received! Members find it very easy to use and it saves us money on lost membership cards.
SETU Arena logo
Aaron Grant
General Manager, SETU Arena

With reception staff freed up, we can now utilise their skills in other areas of the business – for example supporting the sales team with phone calls and the fitness team with bookings or admin. Members might lend a plastic card to a friend or family member, but no-one will lend their phone! Fraudulent entries to clubs are therefore significantly reduced thanks to Access Control.

Steve Ward GLL
Steve Ward
Associate Director of Marketing, Digital & Technology, GLL Better UK Gym

Access Control is a great way to stay ahead of the curve and impress your members with the latest technology. The set up process was very simple and we're even using less plastic!

Achieve lifestyle logo
Martin Evans
Business Development Director, Achieve Lifestyles

Start now with your own Access Control solution

Grant members access to your gym, or allow them to sign into classes & activities, quickly and easily with just one tap or click in your branded member app , they’ll love it!

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