Fitness trends for 2023

16. Dec 2022

2023 will be a big year for fitness, the biggest changes in the industry will be driven by trends like new and better technology, more focus on mental health, and increased access to information about how our bodies work. Here are some things you should know about these trends so that you can stay ahead of your competitors!

Workout wearables

Wearable tech has become more popular in 2022, and it’s only going to increase in 2023. Wearable tech is a great way for your members to track their fitness, especially if you’re they’re just starting out. Wearables can help set goals and track progress, which is what many people need when they’re trying to lose weight or get into shape.

In 2022, companies like Microsoft, Samsung and Under Armour showcased new wearables that include heart rate monitors and sleep tracking capabilities. Some people may find these features useful for staying motivated during their workouts or keeping track of their calorie burn throughout the day.

Meditation and mindfulness

Meditation and mindfulness are two terms that get used in a lot of the same contexts, but they’re actually different. Meditation is a practice of focusing on a single point of reference, whether it be breathing or another mantra. Mindfulness, on the other hand, is about being present in the moment.

While meditation may have started as an Eastern practice centuries ago (and can still feel like one), today it’s become fairly mainstream as more people look to add some calm into their lives. And mindfulness has followed suit: studies show that practicing mindful habits improves mental health by reducing stress levels and feelings of depression over time.

With this growing interest in mind – body balance comes an increased focus on integrating these practices into your members’ everyday lives – especially those who are interested in improving their physical fitness through strength training or cardio exercises. Why not offer meditation and mindfulness videos in your on-demand content library?

Woman practicing mindfulness

High intensity low impact training (HILIT)

HILIT is a new trend that combines high-intensity interval training with low-impact exercise. It’s great for people who love working out but don’t want to worry about hurting their joints or being sore the next day.

To do HILIT, you need an elliptical machine or treadmill at your gym. Teach your member to warm up for five minutes without increasing the speed of the machine (or running slower than normal). Then run at a fast pace for 30 seconds, followed by 60 seconds of walking or light jogging— they’ll feel energised after this! Repeat four more times, then cool down for another five minutes and do some stretches to end the workout on a good note. Why not add these instructions to a news article in the App? Find out more here.

Introducing new workout techniques are a great way for your fitness team to get talking to new or current members! 

Recovery and mobility

For your members to get the most out of their training, it’s important they have a unique approach to recovery. Whether that means foam rolling post-workout or taking ice baths with an elliptical on top, there are plenty of ways to help speed up the recovery process and make sure they’re feeling better in no time. You want people back in your centre to make use of the facilities after all! Why not offer an educational session on this? Either in person or via your App.

Woman stretching


Hyrox is a new type of workout, similar to CrossFit. It usually consists of 1K of running followed by 1 workout, repeated 8 times. The workouts can include: Ski Erg, Sled Push, Sled Pull, Burpee Broad Jump, Rowing, Farmers Carry, Sandbag Lunges, Wall Balls. There are 10 divisions separated by weights and reps schemes, subcategorized by age. This may be something you see members training for in the gym, and educating your team on it is important in order to offer support.

Fitness camps for adults

Fitness camps for adults are going to be a huge trend in 2023. As people become busier, they’re looking for ways to make fitness more accessible. These camps allow members to get fit and stay active without having to invest hours every day in their own training – or even leaving their home.

If you have a gym or health club, this is an excellent way to add value to memberships, while also creating an exciting new offering that will attract new members (or encourage existing ones).

You can use our event calendar to manage your fitness camp schedule.

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