Ways to add value for your members

17. Jan 2023

As a gym manager, fitness business owner or instructor, you will constantly be looking for ways to add more value for your members and stay ahead of the competition. You want an irresistible offer for prospective customers whilst ensuring that current customers stay happy and value their membership. We’ve put together some ways to add value for your members:

1. Understand your members

When a new prospect comes to your club, there’s every chance that, when it comes to approaching their new fitness routine, they’ll need some help. They may not know what membership is best for them, or how they go about achieving their goals. You and your team can add value to their experience from day one by:

  • Sitting down with them to talk about their goals
  • Putting a plan in place for them to achieve their goals – this is where you can start to think about your return on investment for example, talking to them about personal training or an at home membership add on.

By putting in the extra time from the outset, prospective customers will feel valued. Plus, you’ll learn what both current and future members want and need and this will help you with sales and customer retention in the future.

2. Create a good gym culture

Lots of your members and prospects will be looking for an added social side to their new fitness focussed lifestyle. It’s important your club feels like a friendly place to be. You can improve the culture by:

  • Planning events – whether its a coffee morning in the club cafe, or a quiz night in the bar, it’s important to get members together to enjoy something outside of their usual gym session or exercise class. Getting people together will help motivate your members, whilst allowing your staff to get to know them.
  • Put together some ‘how to’ videos. From gym tours to how to use machines, new members will be really grateful for the extra support. After all, you don’t want anyone suffering from ‘Gymtimidation’. Read more about that on our blog here.

3. Offer an App

Apps are a great way for your members to feel in touch with your centre, even when they’re not there. An App can not only improve communication and become an extra channel in your marketing plan, but also allows a seamless member journey. Your members can book classes quickly and easily, find out all the latest news and information and even manage their membership. 

4. Offer digital fitness

There are two ways for you to consider offering digital fitness to your members. You can either: 

  • Monetise the offering and reach a whole new audience – 35% of people want to work out from home still. Give members the option to exercise from their own homes, or a location of their choice, without having to come in to the centre or even ever use your facilities. 
  • Offer digital content as a benefit, free of charge. This will help you stay ahead of the competition and give you a unique selling point. Members will feel valued and are more likely to keep their membership and stay motivated.

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