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11. Oct 2022

A recent OnePoll survey on behalf of The Gym Group has found one in three Brits (33%) suffer from gymtimidation and fear feeling out of place in the gym.

We’ve got some ideas on how you can target your members who might have gymtimidation, and support them on their journey to becoming more confident in your gym or leisure centre.  

1. Share a gym tour

Why not introduce your members to your facilities with a gym walk around – this can be a quick video of a team member walking through the centre, to the gym and showing them where each piece of equipment is. You can host this on your App.

If members are familiar with the gym space when they walk in, they won’t feel overwhelmed or anxious about where go. This could also double up as marketing material on your website or social media.

2. Create ‘how to’ videos

The OnePoll survey of 3,000 UK non-gym-going adults aged 18-60 highlighted that nearly a quarter of respondents said not knowing where to start in the gym put them off, with over 29% saying not knowing how to use equipment had made them uncomfortable.

You can combat this issue by putting together a series of ‘how to’ videos for your members to use when they get into the gym and need to familiarise themselves with a piece of equipment or machinery.

Not only will your members be motivated by performing the exercise or movement correctly, they’ll also see results quicker this in turn will strengthen customer loyalty and longevity. You can use our myFitApp@home to host these videos on your App. 

3. Introduce a member hub

You can use our sub-navigation feature to create a homescreen on your App for first timers, or new gym members. Here is where you can keep all of your videos mentioned above, as well as hints and tips, FAQs, nutrition advice etc for new gym goers.

It’s really important you keep new members motivated, to ensure they can make the most of their membership and remain as customers. You could even link off to a Facebook group, or similar, for gym members, to really make them feel like part of a community. 

4. Meet the team campaign

Why not run a meet the team campaign where you can introduce staff members to your members. Familiar faces will help those with gymtimidation and give them the opportunity to learn who is there to help them when they are in the gym, or who their trainer will be when they’re trying out a new class.


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