Actif Sport and Leisure

Increasing monthly revenue

Actif Sport and Leisure don’t have a sales team, but have still managed to increase their monthly revenue by £15,000 a month!

Using myFitApp’s Lead Generation solution, their members become their sales team, referring friends, family and colleagues to the centre.

After running only two campaigns Actif Sport and Leisure have seen a huge increase in new members, simply by placing a refer-a-friend campaign inside their member app.

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As we don’t have a sales team, the Lead Generation feature is a huge win for us because it turns our members into our sales team and allows us to direct them to the facilities where our product can do the selling.

We have run two campaigns, the second being the most successful. Lead Generation is worth an estimated £15,000 a month to our business and only growing.

Nathan Adler

Customer Service Coordinator, Actif Sport and Leisure

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