7 ways to make your new digital offering a success

2nd Sep 2021

Whilst lockdown restrictions have been lifted across the UK, there is still a requirement to provide your members with a digital offering.

With uncertainties surrounding the spread of Covid-19, and as we enter the winter months, you need to be prepared for changes to how your gym is to operate, to be enforced at any time. The best way to future proof your business is with a hybrid fitness offering.

Things to consider for a hybrid fitness offering:

  • A branded member App – gym, swim & class bookings. News and club updates. Marketing automation & push notifcations to keep your members informed.
  • At home – on demand workouts. Livestreams, re-streams & third party content.
  • Access control – an easier way for members to access your club and register attendance.
  • Lead generation – using your own current members as a sales tool to generate new members.
  • Monetisation new revenue opportunities through digital memberships.

We understand the new digital world can be daunting, so we have provided you with some tips to help you make your gym, leisure centre or health club thrive with a digital offering. Take these steps when going hybrid…


1. Why?

Ask yourself why do you need to go digital? There may be certain problems you’re trying to solve, or member needs you are trying to meet.

We know the ‘why’ at this point in time is to ensure your business will succeed in a new, post-lockdown, digital world and to keep up with the ever-changing restrictions that have been in force and may continue to be faced in the future. Not only this, but the new hybrid fitness model gives you the opportunity to generate more revenue with a new, digital offering.

Your offering needs to be member-centric, so it’s important you understand your customers needs and wants to help you prioritise the solutions to offer.

    2. Choose your digital partner

    Your partner should reflect not only your brand but also your business model. Any technology you implement needs to compliment your future plan and goals.

    Make sure the tech does everything you need, from livestreams and re-streams to marketing and commerce, there’s a lot out there to get your head around. Use your answers to ‘why you need a digital offering’ to guide your decisions.

    You also need to ensure you trust your provider to be there to give you the support and guidance you need to make your digital offering a success. Our Customer Success Team will be happy to support you before, during and after you have gone live.

    3. Consider your pricing strategy

    It’s important to get the price tag for your digital offering correct, take some time to consider this – talk to your partner for advice and guidance if this is something that is new to you.

    Things to consider:

    • Are you looking to make a profit?
    • Do you want to enhance the current customer experience or bring on new members, or both?
    • Will you have a ‘digital only’ membership offering?

    Need further support with this? Read our pricing strategy blog here.

    4. Communicate

    Spread the word about your new offering. You need to be considering the communication for both current members and potential new customers. Whatever digital solutions you decide to implement, you need to get creative and excite your audience! Ask your digital provider for marketing ideas and support if you require it -they’re the experts after all.

    Things to consider:

    • Social media campaigns
    • In-centre campaigns
    • Launch day promo
    • Competitions to get members and prospects engaged

    5. Plan your launch

    It’s really important to get your launch right. Make some noise about launch day to build up the excitement amongst staff and members. Make sure your team are prepared for questions from customers, and confident in talking about your new offering. Give them a brief in advance and make sure they are trained adequately – remember your staff members can be your biggest brand advocates.

    You could even run induction sessions, either virtually or in-centre, to share your exciting new offering with members and potential customers.

    6. Keep the momentum going

    Make sure you have a content plan in place to make sure you are talking about your new digital offering frequently, across all channels. It’s important to keep the momentum going to really maximise the potential of your new digital offering.

    7. Monitor success

    The joy of a digital solution is the data that comes with it! It’s important to report on and track the progress of your new solutions. This will allow you to see what’s working and what may need a little more love to get it off the ground.

    You should work with your digital partner to optimise your offering. Testing and learning is all part of the process with a new digital solution – so look at what is working and do more of it! 

    What are you waiting for?

    If you want to know more about how myFitApp can transform your gym and its digital offering, we are here to help!

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