Product update: October 23

9. Oct 2023

Discover the new releases for myFitApp. Below are updates to the product from September.

1. Account deletion updates

1) A cockpit user is now able to amend the button text displayed which was previously hard coded as “Delete Account”.

To configure your text, access the “Mobile App Settings’ section .

Delete button text

2) A cockpit user is now able to manage the removal of app user data on request.

A new screen labelled as “People” has been added to the cockpit where a user can search for an app user (we recommend using the ID given in the email request to avoid removing the wrong user) and process the deletion.

The delete function should only be used where the request has been verified by the customer. The user’s data is not retrievable.

*Access to this is enabled for users who are account admins, however there are also new roles available which can be enabled specifically to search & view, then also delete as a separate role.

People tab cockpit
people delete

2. Marketing Automation merge fields

A cockpit user is now able to add merge fields to the “Open Web Link” action which would enable a custom URL to be sent to an app user. 

This is only applicable to a CSV campaign type in our Marketing Automation module whereby the merge field could be a URL.

marketing automation merge fields

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