Product update: August 23

1. Aug 2023

Find out what’s new for myFitApp.

Below are any new releases and updates to the product, from May, June and July.

1. Updated logic and wording where booking sessions are not available

When using the calendar view for bookings, and there are no bookable sessions available for the day the message displayed has been updated to a clear, more user friendly message for app users.

Requires app update – this is available from app versions: Android 105.51, iOS 106.59

2. Updated display for bookings with no spaces

When there are no available spaces in a booking session the logic and wording displayed has been updated to make this clearer for app users. We now display “Full” where there are no spaces available for both the list and calendar views.

Requires app update – this is available from app versions: Android 106.55, iOS 106.55

Booking with no space
Additional booking details

3. Additional booking details displayed

We now show the price and number of tickets in the Detail page of purchased ticketed activities.

This gives the user greater visibility about the purchase they have made.

Requires app update – this is available from app versions: Android 105.56, iOS 106.56

Additional booking details

4. Addition of waitlist alerts with Marketing Automation+

A new campaign type has been added to Marketing Automation to enable triggered push notifications when spaces on a class waitlist become available. 

This feature works where a booking is cancelled via the app creating a space, and the user has added themselves to the wait list via the app. Cancellations, or additions to the wait list carried out in centre or online will not be considered as part of the alerts. This also operates using the fastest finger first approach, therefore whoever reacts to the alert quickest will be booked into the space. 

* This new campaign type is available as part of Marketing Automation+ which will need to be enabled by our team, once enabled will be available to the Account Admins user roles.

5. Additional language

  • Your app can now support the Norwegian language

Requires app update – this is available from app versions: Android 105.61, iOS 106.70.

6. Additional data points for access control dashboards and reports

We have added further data points to the existing access control dashboard and reports available within the cockpit. The data now includes:
  • QR/NFC split
  • Total scans plus breakdown of successful / failed scans
We now also order the club dropdown list for “Scan by Clubs” page in alphabetical order

7. Additional text and formatting options for Account Deletion

UI updates have been applied to the Account Deletion function, you are now able to configure:
  • Text to explain the function and the impact of making the request
  • Option to hyperlink out to a URL where you might want to navigate to your privacy policy or FAQs on the website
  • Additional text linked to a tickbox for the user to complete a further check before requesting the deletion

Requires app update – this is available from app versions: Android 105.51, iOS 106.61.

*We will soon be adding the ability to configure the text shown on the current “Account Deletion” action button – look out for this later in the month.

8. Inverted QR code option for access control 

We have added the option for inverted QR codes to now be recognised, previously Android could not recognise these.

Requires app update – this is available from app versions: Android 105.48

9. Timetable web widgets supported by club level settings

Web widgets used for plugging in timetables to your website and other browser based devices can now be configured at a club level.

10. Ability to set a custom colour theme in the cockpit

We have given cockpit users the ability to create custom colour themes within the configuration of each club in the cockpit. Previously, we would need to add these for you.

To access the configuration for this, you will need to edit a club and then navigate to the “Appearance” tab.

Custom colour in cockpit

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