Product update: April 24

23. Apr 2024

Discover the new releases for myFitApp. Below are updates to the product from April 2024.

1. Book for others

If you use Legend as your LMS, you will now be able to offer the ability to book ticketed classes, for guests and members of your contact group natively within your app. Previously, a web module within the app was required to make such bookings however now the Legend Class booking module can be used.
New configuration in Legend will be required and there are licences within the cockpit that will need to be enabled for ticketed and guests, and/or contact group bookings.
Check out the video below. Please reach out to us via the cockpit for more information on this.

2. Monthly Active Users API

Following the addition of MAU data being added to the cockpit, we have gone a step further my introducing an API endpoint to pull the total MAU by month or for a range direct from the cockpit.
This will allow you to efficiently include this stat within your wider business reporting without the manual task.
Please refer to article in our help section for more details

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