Places Leisure successfully launch myFitApp to enhance member experience

Places Leisure successfully launch myFitApp to enhance member experience

9. May 2024

“Our new app claimed the number one spot in the Apple Store health and fitness charts in the first couple of weeks and we had over 60,000 downloads in the first five days!” Keiron Butcher, Information Technology Director, Places Leisure

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Places Leisure is a leading leisure centre operator with a mission to create active places and healthy people for communities to thrive. To enhance the member experience, Places Leisure needed a new app and decided to partner with myFitApp, the all-in-one member app solution.

“One of the main features that influenced our decision to move, was the intuitive myFitApp cockpit, which is easy to use and allows us to quickly make updates. In addition, the myFitApp cockpit provides a wealth of insightful data.” Keiron Butcher

Places Leisure worked closely with myFitApp to customise their member app according to their brand identity and unique requirements. The app is fully integrated with Places Leisure’s existing Leisure Management Software (LMS), allowing members to use the same login credentials associated with their membership.

Keiron added “Our customers can now enjoy the convenience of booking their favourite classes natively. This seamless integration pulls everything from our LMS, transforming it into an effortless process.” 

Their new app introduces a range of powerful features that revolutionises their member experience. Including enhanced marketing features, centre information, in-app local messaging and push notifications.  

New features enable members to easily book classes, receive real-time notifications, and engage in virtual fitness sessions via the free Virtual Studio.

The app utilises push notifications to deliver important updates, announcements, and reminders directly to members’ mobile devices. Whether it’s notifying members about upcoming events, promotions, or facility closures, push notifications ensure that members stay informed and engaged with Places Leisure’s offerings.

Through the app, they can effectively promote upcoming events, workshops, and special programs to members. By showcasing these opportunities within the app’s interface, members are more likely to discover and participate in these activities, fostering a sense of community engagement and participation.

“Overall, the app serves as a powerful tool for enhancing communication and interaction with our members, providing a seamless and user-friendly platform for information sharing, event promotion, and community building.” Keiron added.

Jonathan Cooke, Chief Commercial Officer at myFitApp commented: “Our partnership with Places Leisure is a fantastic example of how myFitApp is empowering fitness providers with cutting-edge technology to drive member engagement and retention. We are thrilled to be able to provide a branded member app that takes their customer experience to the next level. By seamlessly integrating with their existing Leisure Management System and offering smart features such as native in-app bookings, workouts on demand, and marketing messages, the Places Leisure app will make a positive impact on their members’ fitness journeys.”

Places Leisure’s new app has a 4-star rating in the Apple App Store, a major uplift on their previous member app, at 1.3-star.

Keiron said “The integration of myFitApp has significantly enhanced the overall member experience at Places Leisure.”

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