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Tips for your lead generation campaigns

7. Oct 2022

“Recommendations from friends remain the most credible form of advertising” (source: Nielsen). So, why not try our Lead Generation tool – the results speak for themselves! Here’s a case study to prove it.

Are you wondering “How can I improve my gym sales?”,  with Lead Generation, your members become your brand ambassadors. You can give them incentives like a free PT session, or one month’s free membership, and they invite their friends to use your club and sign up as a member.

It’s a win win for everyone involved. You have the chance to recruit new customers and your existing members get to train with their friends, increasing their motivation.

Here are some tips to support your fitness lead generatin:

1. What incentives work?

When using a sales tool, your offer must be attractive to your members so they click on your refer a friend gym promotion. Why not try these incentives:

  • A free month membership
  • Credit to the member’s account
  • Free drinks for one month
  • Branded gym bag
  • Entry to a raffle of a high-quality gift (iPad, iPhone, tablet, fitness watch, trip, wellness voucher, etc.)
  • No joining fee

Tip – run a competition: Give away a high quality gift like an iPad, iPhone, tablet, fitness watch etc. Award one entry per referred friend and give the friend a chance to enter too.

2. What makes the campaign unique?

In order for your campaign to take off, you should make it stand out – in your club, on your App, website and social media. Use an exciting title to make the campaign unique and interesting. Something like –


  • Bring a buddy
  • 28 days to fitness
  • Earn whilst you train
  • Get fit with friends

3. How do you promote it?

Important: you should push your lead generation campaign across all your channels, to make it successful. This includes your online and offline channels, as well as having conversations with your members.

a) Train your staff

Even before your gym member lead generation campaign starts, make sure you inform and train your staff. They need to know everything about the campaign – what the incentive is, the conditions and the start and end dates.

You can give your employees ideas and assistance to sell. This applies to not only your sales team, encourage your fitness team, reception staff and leisure attendants to talk to members all around the club.

In order to motivate your employees to promote the campaign, why not give them additional incentives? Think about a number system that allows you to track the number of recommendations given by certain employees, then you can award the winning team member with a prize!

b) Share the campaign

You can use the following channels to direct your members to the campaign in your App:

  • Pop-up, blog post or banner on your website
  • Social media posts before and during the campaign period
  • QR codes around the club (lockers or reception for example)
  • Posters
  • Newsletters/emails

Within myFitApp we have the following marketing tools that you can use to promote your campaign:

  • Promo screen (placed in front of your homescreen)
  • Colour-coded tile on your home screen
  • News articles or messages from Marketing Automation 

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