Five tips to keep your members motivated during the winter months

1st Nov 2021

As we approach the colder, winter months, weather conditions like rain, wind and snow may mean your members lose motivation or struggle to make it into your gym or leisure centre.

We’ve put together some top tips to help you encourage your members to keep on top of their exercise routines and motivate them to stay fit and healthy during this time of the year…


1. Keep on top of, or create a digital offering

When your member looks out the window at the grey, windy or wet weather, their first thought will be “I just want to stay indoors!”. What better way to encourage them to keep exercising than by offering at home workouts? This way, they can have the best of both worlds – staying indoors without feeling guilty about skipping a workout. 

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2. Create some healthy winter recipes

Winter warming recipes don’t have to be unhealthy. And we know good food and exercise go hand in hand, so why not share some healthy winter recipes with your members? They will get the feel good factor from cosy winter food, without any guilt. It’s important that your members stay on top of their health during this time of year – especially with Christmas fast approaching!

3. Shout about holiday season in your club

Christmas is the time of year for families to spend quality time together. This doesn’t have to be at home – why not encourage families to come into your centre and enjoy each other’s company during a swim, sauna or an indoor tennis match.

You may even want to set up some Christmas events for your members so they can socialise with friends or family whilst celebrating the holiday season. 

4. Share motivational, automated messages

Use marketing automation to keep communicating with your customers during the darker mornings and evenings. Motivational messages of support, or encouraging members to sign up to a class to let of some steam are great ways to keep in touch with members that might be less likely to use your facilities during this time of year.

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5. Utilise re-streams

With bad weather months fast approaching, it’s not just your members that might not be able to make it into the club. Your trainers that travel to work, may not be able to get in if, like most years, we have a few snowy weeks. You can keep your workout classes going, for members at home, by sharing re-streams as on-demand classes. Your members wont know any different and will be pleased that they can still workout whilst not being able to get into the club.


We can help with all of the above!

From our @home platform, to marketing automation, if you want to know more about how myFitApp can transform your gym and its digital offering, we are here to help.

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