7 ways to increase push notification click-through rate 

30th Nov 2021

7 ways to increase push notification click-through rate 

30th Nov 2021

Did you know that using push notifications can increase App engagement by a huge 88%? If you’re not sending push notifications, you’re missing out on a key benefit of your mobile App. Frequent messages can increase App retention by up to 10 times!

With our Marketing Automation module you can use your Branded Member App as your main communication tool to your customers. Keep your members informed with the latest news, club updates and centre promotions – all planned, customisable, measurable and secure.

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BUT, just sending good notifications isn’t enough to engage your users. Here’s some tips on how to increase your push notification click-through rate (CTR).

1. Generate curiosity

By piquing your App users’ interest, you can generate enough curiosity for them to click-through to find out more. Simply give a sneak peek of the message and your user won’t be able to help themselves!

2. Personalisation

A little personalisation can go a long way for your open and click-through rates. Use their name or tailor the content to things you know they’re into. For example you could send them a reminder to book into their favourite class. If the context is right, your audience will be more engaged and more inclined to follow through from your notification.

3. Create a sense of urgency

An easy way to boost your push notification CTR is by giving the recipient a reason to act fast! Encourage them to click-through by emphasising an offer, or limited availability. For example “Hurry, only two spaces remaining on tomorrow’s spin class”. 

4. Less is more!

Ensure your messages aren’t too long, you don’t want to waste the user’s time. Whilst there is no ‘perfect’ length for a push notification, keep these things in mind when writing copy:

Frontload the most important content.

– Use bite-sized snippets of information and encourage users to find out more by clicking-through.

Preview your notification on the devices that you know your audiences use.

 5. Put your App users first

Ensure you aren’t bombarding your users with notifications – after-all, they don’t want to hear from you all day, every day. You need to instill trust to your App users, so they know that every notification they receive from you is going to be important and relevant. Remember, no matter how good your notifications are, if they’re not providing value, you won’t get the conversions you want. 

 6. Use emojis😉

Studies show that with an emoji, the average CTR increases. Select your emojis wisely and make sure you test them – you don’t want to send them to your audience if they aren’t receptive to them. An example of how you can use emojis: “Don’t miss out on your free PT session – book now💪“.

 7. Test and learn

Testing is crucial. With our Marketing Automation module you can measure the success of each push notification. See what works and what doesn’t for your audiences. You should always be optimising your notifications – make small changes to each message and record the results. 

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