What is content marketing?
And why is it essential?

1. Aug 2022

Everyone talks about content marketing, but what actually is it? Content marketing is a type of marketing that is all about delivering valuable and relevant content to your target audience so that they regard you as an expert in your field.

In the fitness world, content marketing is crucial to promoting your club to new and existing members. To be successful, your content must be relevant, useful and engaging.

Using content marketing will strengthen your member loyalty and increase sales to new members. Content marketing is an important pillar of your marketing strategy and strengthens it in a sustainable way.

In this blog, we’ve put together some content marketing tips to help you keep your audience engaged and involved.

Know your audience

It’s important to identify what kinds of messages your audience are most likely to respond to. All good marketing starts with testing – try different communication styles and messages to start to build an understand of what performs well and what doesn’t. Don’t forget – if something doesn’t work, it’s just as important for your learnings.

Keep your content themes relevant

To attract and retain your audience, you need to create relevant, original and engaging content. The challenge with the fitness industry is that the demographic is so varied, but they have one thing in common – fitness! Below are some ideas for content themes…

What does content marketing look like?

  • All club news is important. First of all, you should communicate everything about your gym, be it class changes or announcements and opening times.

  • You could also introduce your trainers and employees, creating a sense of community and understanding. Write articles on fitness related tips, such as nutrition tips and recipes, to help you achieve specific fitness goals or cover different dietary habits. You can also provide instructions for specific exercises and training sessions.

  • Give your customers support outside the gym by providing them with some healthy recipes to try at home.


  • Content marketing is also seasonal, why not suggest programs for the summer or ideas on how best to tackle the food-heavy holidays around Christmas.
Content marketing examples

Use your experience

Think about conversations you’ve had with members and collect topics and ideas from there. All fitness and health content can provide valuable support to your members’ progress and help them achieve their fitness and health goals.

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