ClubReady partnership gives fitness business owners advantages in a rapidly changing market

23. Jun 2022

We are delighted to announce our partnership with ClubReady, the US leading provider of full-suite studio fitness and wellness club management software and services, to offer our open, flexible, independent, mobile marketing platform, myFitApp, to the fitness industry.

With the new partnership, ClubReady customers can build their business with the power of a branded member app they design and manage, including the modern features members demand with the flexibility clubs need. This creates an unbeatable combination with the backend strength and scalability of the ClubReady suite.

In addition to creating and managing their branded app themselves, with myFitApp powered by ClubReady, fitness businesses can retain members, acquire new ones and upsell existing members with a range of features, including:

  • Booking and Event Scheduling quick and easy booking for members
  • Content Marketing gyms can create and publish content in their app in minutes
  • myFitApp@home built-in live-streamed and on-demand video platform
  • Monetisation and Paywall integrated payment for physical and digital goods and services
  • Lead Generation integrated referral programs that can pay for the app many times over
  • Attendance and Access Control that prevent fraud and increase revenue

Combined with the ClubReady core suite for member management, billing, CRM, staff management, business analytics, performance tracking, and managed sales services, the partnership offers the most robust mobile fitness technology solution in the industry.

“The fitness industry is becoming increasingly member-centric and many want the flexibility to workout at home or wherever they are. The advanced capabilities of myFitApp enable studios to deliver a hybrid experience that delivers on their brand promise with every touch,” said Darol Lain, President of ClubReady. “At the same time, it empowers gym operators with advanced sales and marketing tools to drive new members and retain and upsell existing members.”

“The gym market is rapidly growing and evolving,” commented Thomas Schuster, CEO of Innovatise, the company behind myFitApp. “Fitness businesses need tools to deliver an outstanding user experience, a marketing platform to acquire and retain customers, and a powerful solution to manage it all as the business grows. The combination of myFitApp and ClubReady does exactly that.”

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