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Chat now available for streams 

27th Jul 2021

Chat for streams is now available in your @home solution. Before, during and even after the stream, trainers and members can chat and give feedback through emoji storms without much typing – for a training experience as close as possible to the one in the studio!

This takes the community effect of your hybrid workouts to the next level.


Put your members at the centre

Since the pandemic, members want the best of both worlds. They want the flexibility of working out from home, but as well as going into the gym they trust. Members want the flexibility and that’s where the myFitApp@home solution comes in.

To create an attractive and high-quality training experience for members, like in the gym, the streams in @home are in HD quality and best stereo sound. The new chat feature in streams extends the vision of hybrid classes.

The exchange in the chat and the feedback via emoji storms creates a community effect between members and trainers, similar to the one in the studio. Members have another reason to stay motivated with their workout routine from home.


Create a sense of community

The new chat function in livestreams offers you the opportunity to get immediate feedback from your members. Trainers can also respond directly to questions and comments from class participants.

The positive class atmosphere is supported by flying hearts, smileys and thumbs from the emoji stream.

As a very personal form of feedback, chat is fun for all participants, increases motivation and strengthens member loyalty – it is the ultimate way to motivate members.

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