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Five ideas for more video topics


14. Feb 2023

A multitude of possibilities awaits you with myFitApp@home, inspire your members with videos that have it all. No matter when or where, your members’ gym is always in their pocket.

Our video platform myFitApp@home is often used to offer workout videos to members so they can join their favourite classes wherever they are. But with @home you can do much more!

Beyond class videos, how about supporting your members with powerful videos along the way? In this article, we have put together five ideas for topics for video collections or individual videos.


1. Create tutorials for gym equipment

Record instruction videos for every piece of equipment in your gym. The advantage is that your team saves time in the gym, and members can have equipment explained to them whenever they need through their smartphones.

In addition, members will increase motivation by decreasing any anxieties around using the gym.

2. Offer nutrition tips

Support your members’ training with nutrition tips. Quickly and easily create great videos with nutrition tips, recipes and exciting facts about  healthy eating.

This way you can share your expert knowledge and give members tips and help to achieve their goals, whilst increasing the value of their memberships.

myFitApp@home nutrition

3. Share training programmes per body part

Why not create a video collection that is divided into individual body parts. Show exercises or instructions to train back, arms and legs – or even more detailed, for individual muscle parts (triceps, glutes, etc.).

This way, members can easily find specific exercises and get support to train certain body parts. They can create their own workout splits according to the exercises you’ve provided.

4. Create individual exercise videos

Have your trainers demonstrate exercises in videos, such as deadlifts or other exercises with weights and dumbbells. Show and explain common exercises such as squats or sit-ups with perfect form.

This encourages those who may not have ventured into this section of your gym before and highlights the expertise of your trainers, whilst making them more approachable.

5. Create mental health and wellness awareness

With mental health videos, you can increase your health offering. In recent years, there has been a huge focus on the importance of mental health. Experts have clearly demonstrated the link between mental strength and a healthy body.

Pass on expert knowledge on topics such as burnout and self-care to your members, supporting them along their health journey.

myFitApp@home wellness

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