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We offer a fully complimentary app audit to all myFitApp customers. All you need to do is contact us to book your app-raisal in, and our team will do the rest!

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What we will look at

To help optimise your offering

1. Modules

We will look at what you are currently using and suggest what could used better, or added to give you more functionality. We will clear up any un-used modules to allow you to manage your app better.

2. Features

We’ll look at what features you are currently using and make sure you are using them to their full potential. We will also recommend some features you aren’t already using, if we believe you will benefit from them.

3. Pages

We will look at what pages you have live in the app and suggest what could be removed to clean things up, allowing easier management of your app from the cockpit.

4. Test account

We will check to see if you have a test account and, if you don’t, we will set one up for you and show you how to use it.

5. App factory

We’ll check your app factory to ensure it is up to date and we will recommend any changes that could be made.

6. Design feedback

We will look at the overall design of your app to make sure the user journey is optimal and ensure you are using all the tools you have available to you. 

7. Login screen

We’ll see if there are any ways to optimise your login screen, to improve your member experience. 

8. In-app marketing

We will look to see how you can improve your marketing to your members through banners, promo screens, push messages and marketing modules.

9. Missing information

We will have a look at your website to see if there is any valuable information, activities or items that are missing form your app.

10. Welcome screen / HQ club

We will check your app to see if you have a use for a welcome screen or HQ club. 

Once we have done this 10 point check we will arrange a meeting to feedback. A review document will be sent to you including some helpful app stats.

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