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The complete mobile solution for your gym

The mobile phone has overtaken the laptop and plays a central part in how most people live their life. Your gym needs a mobile solution to stay relevant, provide your members with easy access to news, information and booking and retain their loyalty. With myFitApp you get a complete solution: a branded, slick, searchable App in the app stores with everything included, offering your members a truly amazing service they won’t be able live without.

News articles with
push notifications

Deliver news directly to every club member’s phone, instantly, under your control. Promote offers, give timely notice of changes and keep members up-to-date. They’ll really appreciate it. An informed member is a happy – and loyal –  member.

Private Labels myFitApp

Your own branded app – great for you and your members

Your own branded, searchable app in the App Store and Google Play communicates your values. Your members will appreciate a professional, branded app that’s easy to find and download, with all their fitness information in one place. Support and engage them with fresh, current content and they’ll thank you with their loyalty.


We integrate your apps and content from anywhere

Combine class and activity booking from your management software with content from your website, Facebook pages, Twitter feed and partners all in one place.

Now you only need to enter content once and all app users can see it. Easy for you and great for members who can get all their gym-related content in one place.


Recruit new members

Who better to recommend your club than your own members ? With our built-in member-get-member referral solution, you can use your app to immediately and cost-effectively attract new members. With the right incentives, our solution achieves amazing conversion rates with over 50% of referrals resulting in a new member!

Simple operation

Pushed for time? The myFitApp cockpit is so easy to use that it’s no problem to fit app updates into your busy schedule. Create a News article in less than a minute, including picture formatting, inserting links and sending a push message. Add content direct from the intuitive web cockpit – even from a tablet while you’re on the go!


Measure your success

With built-in reports and analysis you can instantly see how members are using your app:

– How many have downloaded the app?
– How many hits today?
– What content are members most interested in?
– How many users have responded to our push message?
And much more…

Gyms and their members love us!

“Lots of great features”

I don’t think I’ve been this excited about something we’re offering to our customers in years !

Bob Peck

Commercial Development Manager, Glasgow Club

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