The complete mobile solution for your gym

The mobile phone has overtaken the laptop and plays a central part in how most people live their life. Your gym needs a mobile solution to stay relevant, provide your members with easy access to news, information and booking and retain their loyalty. With myFitApp you get a complete solution: a branded, slick, searchable App in the app stores with everything included, offering your members a truly amazing service they won’t be able live without.

Custom branding for your gym

Unlimited layout and design options:
Create a unique tile layout branded for your gym with your
colours and graphics. With our intuitive web cockpit it’s super easy.

Private Labels myFitApp

Your own branded app – great for you and your members

Your own branded, searchable app in the App Store and Google Play communicates your values. Your members will appreciate a professional, branded app that’s easy to find and download, with all their fitness information in one place. Support and engage them with fresh, current content and they’ll thank you with their loyalty.

Free push messages

Deliver your news directly to each member’s phone, instantly, under your control. Promote offers, give timely notice of changes, keep members up-to-date. They’ll really appreciate it. It’s like a personal call, but easier for you and them.

Easily integrate your apps and content from anywhere

Combine class and activity booking from your management software with content from your website, Facebook pages, Twitter feed and partners all in one place.

Now you only need to enter content once and all app users can see it. Easy for you and great for members who can get all their gym-related content in one place.

Recruit new members

Who better to recommend your club than your own members ? With our built-in member-get-member referral solution, you can use your app to immediately and cost-effectively attract new members. With the right incentives, our solution achieves amazing conversion rates with over 50% of referrals resulting in a new member!

Simple operation

Pushed for time? The myFitApp cockpit is so easy to use that it’s no problem to fit app updates into your busy schedule. Create a News article in less than a minute, including picture formatting, inserting links and sending a push message. Add content direct from the intuitive web cockpit – even from a tablet while you’re on the go!


Measure your success

With built-in reports and analysis you can instantly see how members are using your app:

– How many have downloaded the app?
– How many hits today?
– What content are members most interested in?
– How many users have responded to our push message?
And much more…

Gyms and their members love us!

“A must-have”

We’ve had myfitApp since 2012 and our customers are delighted. Members always want to be up-to-date and with the App they are informed immediately about workshops, offers, opening times, price cuts and special offers for friends. Amazingly, almost all interested parties have the App already on their smartphone. Their experience is great and they show their friends and family where they train and what is available there. The App is a ,must-have’.

Anna Pfeifer

Club Manager, Vivana Fitness- and Wellnesspark

“Everyone benefits!”

We’ve offered our members myFitApp since the beginning of 2015 and the number of downloads is growing strongly. Whether news around the gym or other promotions – through the app, we can reach our members at any time. We especially appreciate the ease of use and clarity – everything cleanly presented without clutter. For us, having our own App is a real luxury – but it’s inexpensive and easy to maintain. If issues do arise, there is a competent support team available with help and advice. Even linking with our website was not a problem. So everyone benefits – we as a gym and our customers!

Mag. Dr. med. univ. Stephanie M. Holzer

Marketingleitung, Happy Fitness GmbH

“100% Recommend”

Our members are excited. Visually, the app is a joy to behold. When showing off our app, we’re most often asked: “Who’s made that, it looks great ! “. The support team is always available, knowledgeable and requests for changes are implemented very quickly.  The myFitApp team has also come up with some ingenious ideas. A perfect price/performance ratio completes the picture. 100% recommendation.

Rositta Schröder und Klaus Anselm

Owners, IQ-Fitness im Quartier

“Optimal communication tool”

myFitApp is ideally suited as an everyday communication tool in the gym. Since the introduction of the App we can inform our members much more actively and achieve a significantly higher response. Based on the principle of action = reaction, if we communicate actively with the App, our customers are satisfied and so we are too ! We particularly like the quick and easy sharing of information with the members, the clarity and user-friendly operation. The app is really helping members to strongly identify with our gym. Michael Och

Management, Och-City-Sport GmbH & Co.KG

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