The App Challenge

For a health club to consider developing an app from scratch is a daunting prospect.

Software development is expensive, a lot of time is required to manage such a project and it can be a very frustrating process for health club managers.

But an app can have huge benefits for health clubs and play a major role in:

Mobile is the most personal communications channel
Your brand becomes part of members’ digital lifestyle
Leverage that relationship to acquire new members
New revenue sources
Build an audience and monetise it

What functionality is important ?

Off-the-shelf, easily customizable, affordable solution

By using an off-the-shelf, easily customizable app solution health clubs can get a full-featured, branded app in the app stores quickly and affordably.

The iOS and Android apps and their content are managed through a web-content management system, all provided for a small set-up fee plus monthly fees, and supplied as Software-as-a-Service (Saas).

Easy content management

An app for members is first and foremost a marketing tool, a way of the club keeping its brand and information in front of members.

To keep members engaged, clubs need to keep the app News and Information fresh, up-to-date and relevant.

So it should be super-easy for gym staff to set-up and maintain the app content.

Fast, slick booking

Most health clubs offer classes and activities and they are often oversubscribed.

Making it easy for casual members and regulars to find and book the classes and activities they want, in a fast, slick user interface is a must-have.

Your members’ Mobile Portal

Technology is having a huge impact in the health sector and no one tech vendor has all the answers.

An app solution should make it easy to integrate functionality from other vendors without requiring complex and costly software development.

By allowing the health club themselves to integrate 3rd party tech, their app can be a one-stop shop for their members’ fitness needs, the members’ Mobile Portal.

Build an audience

Clubs want to build an audience, and promote the app to their members.

It’s important to provide tools to do this, for example universal links to download iOS and Android, QR codes for flyers and posters and reporting so the club can see the number of downloads and which parts of the app are most popular.

Downloads and clicks are as important as feet through the door.

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