Why an App ?

Mobile is uniquely powerful

  • Always on, reachable in real-time
  • Direct response, book 5 mins before a class
  • Easy and convenient
  • 100% coverage of your members
  • Cost-effective

Mobile is great — everyone’s got a smartphone and, for most people, if it goes beep any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they’ll look at it.

That’s a HUGE OPPORTUNITY for leisure.

Loyalty & retention

Mobile is the most personal form of communications. It’s the best way to increase member loyalty


Build an audience for your app and use it to increase your membership.


Boost your brand with a great-looking app that makes it easier for your members to get the most out of your club.


Increase your revenue by offering new services and add-ons in your app.

We realise the potential

Only myFitApp realises the potential for gyms

Actionable Insight on every stage of the customer journey

Making life easier for your customers at every stage of their journey will encourage them to keep your app on their phones.

This gives you the opportunity to get insight on their preferences and engage with them to deliver exception service, delight them and keep them loyal.

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