Set up an Apple Developer account

The iOS version of your app must be submitted under your own Apple Developer account. If your company does not have an Apple developer account, this must be created first. This page describes how this works.

The process in overview:

  1. You enroll with Apple for a Developer account (Apple will approve this within some days and may call you)
  2. Apple will email to confirm they’ve approved your enrolment. Got your enrolment email ? Click here for the next step !
  3. You activate and pay  for the developer program fee (£79 / year). Got your payment confirmation ? Click here for the next step !
  4. You invite Innovatise to have an login to your App Store Connect account

What you need:

  • Apple ID
    If you are using an iPhone, you can use your existing Apple Id.
    If you do not already have an Apple ID, you can create an Apple ID herecreate an Apple ID here
  • A “DUNS” Number for your company
    This number is used to identify your company in the registration form. If you are not yet familiar with your DUNS number, you can find the DUNS number here.
  • Authorisation
    You should be authorised to sign contracts for your company.


Step 1: Start

Click on the registration URL:

Then click “Start Your Enrollment”

Step 2: Login with Apple Id

We would strongly recommend that you create a new, dedicated, company AppleID on a generic company email address for the purpose of managing your app. You can use a personal one, but if you change jobs this can be awkward. Best to create a company AppleID which can be passed on to others if you change roles. To do this see How to create an Apple ID.

If you have set two-factor authentication for your Apple ID, please provide the code that was sent to your phone or PC.

Step 3: Accept Apple’s Terms of Service

Read and accept the Apple Terms and Conditions for the Developer Program and click “Submit”

Step 4: Join the Developer Program

Now you are logged in. On the next page, press “Join the Apple Developer Program”.

On the next page, press “Enroll”.

Now press “Start Your Enrollment” again on the page.

Step 5.1: Organization type

Select “Company / Organization”

Please read the notes and press “Continue”

Step 5.2: Organization Information

“Authority to Sign Legal Agreements”

On this page confirm if you are owner/founder (option 1) or you are otherwise authorised to sign contracts for your company (option 2).

“Organization Information”

  • Legal Entity Name: Company name
  • DUNS Number: DUNS Number of your company. Can be found here.
  • Website: Company website
  • Phone number: Apple may call this you on this number to confirm your identity.
  • Email: Your email address at your company

Press “Continue”

Step 6: Confirm

Verify all entries and confirm with “Submit”


Step 7: Application Done!

Your Apple Developer Account application is now done ! Please write down your “Enrollement ID”.

What’s happening now:

  1. Apple is now reviewing your company data.
  2. Apple may contact you by phone to verify your identity and will ask you if you are authorized to sign contracts for the company. Apple may also ask for a second person / phone number in the company if you are not available. If you do not have a 2nd person / number, you can also specify that you can then be contacted by e-mail. Your developer account is then confirmed and active.
  3. You will receive and email confirming your application has been accepted



Enrollment confirmation email

Now you have to wait for Apple to approve your Enrollment. They may call you to confirm details as part of the approval.

Once you’re approved, you’ll get an email like this one below — click on Review now > to log back in to the Developer portal:

Step 8: Login and Pay

You’ll be asked to pay your annual subscription fee. Check the box to enable automatic payment:

You’ll be asked to log in again with your AppleID

You will be asked to confirm payment, this will default to the credit card linked to your AppleID.

Next review your payment details and when you’re happy, click “Place Order Now“.

You’ll receive a confirmation page:

Wait for your Payment Confirmation email

Next you need to wait for email from Apple confirming your payment. This may only take a few minutes.
There will be several emails, the important one is this one:

Click “+” to add a user

Fill in the new user details

  1. First name — something that indicates to your and your colleagues that this is for your app
  2. Last name — as above, make sure this flags up to someone what this invitation is for
  3. Invite the email address which is an Innovatise email address we use to manage apps
  4. Select Admin as the role
  5. Select Access to Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles
  6. Click the Invite button

You should see a confirmation page confirming you’ve invited

Congratulations – you made it!

Thank you for your persistence !
Once you’ve reached this stage we at Innovatise should have all the access we require to submit your app to the App Store and – subject to Apple approval – maintain and update your app.

Last step — please email your reseller to let them know you’ve complete the steps and they will make sure Innovatise is aware.

Your Innovatise Team

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