myFitApp@home turns two!

myFitApp@home turns two!

myFitApp@home celebrates its birthday

Two years of the video platform


@home celebrates its birthday

Two years of the video platform

We are celebrating the anniversary of our video platform myFitApp@home! We launched it in autumn 2020 and a lot has happened in the last two years.

Most streaming services are not designed for fitness, but our @home platform is! Why you should choose @home and a digital service? Read our blog on reasons to choose your own @home platform over any streaming service.

It all started in 2020 with our video platform, which makes it super easy to stream your classes live to your members’ phones at home. You could also provide an on-demand library of your workout videos.

Of course, all of this is still possible, but what’s new? Read about the five fantastic new features in myFitApp@home:

1. Increase revenue: In-App purchase

With in-app purchases, you can monetise your digital offering. Offer premium content behind a paywall and create new revenue streams for your gym.

Premium memberships can offer customers a hybrid fitness option, with access to livestreams and on-demand content, as well as centre access.

You can also attract non-members to your gym or offer them digital-only memberships through in-app purchases.

Screens showing in-app purchase - member log in and start trial screen on iPhone

2. Content providers: It couldn’t be easier to provide workout videos

To make your life easier, we’ve partnered with industry-leading providers like Wexer, Cyberobics and Les Mills. We can easily integrate their professional workout videos into your @home video collection, giving your members even more choice, and freeing up your own instructors.

New videos from content providers are automatically added to your video collection and you can also monetise all of their videos with in-app purchases.

wexer content video workout main logo black
Les Mills Content Video on demand logo black
Grey Cyberobics Logo Content Provider in myFitApp@home

3. Discovery: Easily find the perfect workout

Your growing number of videos, along with videos from content providers will fill your video collection in no time. To improve user experience and help members find the workout they’re looking for, we’ve developed the search function.

Whether members are looking for a specific video length, or to target a certain body part, they can find the right workout video with just a few clicks.

myFitApp@home and search feature

4. Shopfront layouts: Create your unique video library

Your video library is the digital flagship of your hybrid fitness offering. We have 12 different layouts for your shopfront so you can amend and showcase your workout videos in your app, making them more attractive to your members. Originally there were only two layout options.

The more attractive and clear your video library is, the more motivated your members will be at home to join your livestreams or watch your on-demand videos.

Les Mills shopfront view in iPhone iOS

5. Airplay & Chromecast: Studio quality at home

Offer your members the perfect training experience outside of your leisure centre or gym. Thanks to Chromecast or Airplay, members can stream directly from your Branded Member app to the largest screen at home. This creates the perfect gym feeling at home.

Thanks to the fantastic user experience of myFitApp@home, over 50% of members watch their workouts on the TV.

Get started now!

As you can see, a lot has happened in the last two years! And we’re still working on new innovations for @home. Contact us to find out all the benefits and possibilities of myFitApp@home and increase your sales with a digital offer.

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Top tips for lead generation

Top tips for lead generation

Get new members

Tips for your lead generation campaigns

“Recommendations from friends remain the most credible form of advertising” (source: Nielsen). So, why not try our Lead Generation tool – the results speak for themselves! Here’s a case study to prove it.

With Lead Generation, your members become your brand ambassadors. You can give them incentives like a free PT session, or one month’s free membership, and they invite their friends to use your club and sign up as a member.

It’s a win win for everyone involved. You have the chance to recruit new customers and your existing members get to train with their friends, increasing their motivation.

Here are some tips to support your lead generation campaigns:

1. What incentives work?

Your offer must be attractive to your members so they click on your campaign and invite their friends. Why not try these incentives:

  • A free month membership
  • Credit to the member’s account
  • Free drinks for one month
  • Branded gym bag
  • Entry to a raffle of a high-quality gift (iPad, iPhone, tablet, fitness watch, trip, wellness voucher, etc.)
  • No joining fee

Tip – run a competition: Give away a high quality gift like an iPad, iPhone, tablet, fitness watch etc. Award one entry per referred friend and give the friend a chance to enter too.

2. What makes the campaign unique?

In order for your campaign to take off, you should make it stand out – in your club, on your App, website and social media. Use an exciting title to make the campaign unique and interesting. Something like –


  • Bring a buddy
  • 28 days to fitness
  • Earn whilst you train
  • Get fit with friends

3. How do you promote it?

Important: you should push your lead generation campaign across all your channels, to make it successful. This includes your online and offline channels, as well as having conversations with your members.

a) Train your staff

Even before your lead generation campaign starts, make sure you inform and train your staff. They need to know everything about the campaign – what the incentive is, the conditions and the start and end dates.

You can give your employees ideas and assistance to sell. This applies to not only your sales team, encourage your fitness team, reception staff and leisure attendants to talk to members all around the club.

In order to motivate your employees to promote the campaign, why not give them additional incentives? Think about a number system that allows you to track the number of recommendations given by certain employees, then you can award the winning team member with a prize!

b) Share the campaign

You can use the following channels to direct your members to the campaign in your App:

  • Pop-up, blog post or banner on your website
  • Social media posts before and during the campaign period
  • QR codes around the club (lockers or reception for example)
  • Posters
  • Newsletters/emails

Within myFitApp we have the following marketing tools that you can use to promote your campaign:

  • Promo screen (placed in front of your homescreen)
  • Colour-coded tile on your home screen
  • News articles or messages from Marketing Automation 

    Don't miss out on sales!

    Start now with Lead Generation, turn your members into brand ambassadors and attract new members to your centre.

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    What is content marketing?

    What is content marketing?

    What is content marketing?
    And why is it essential?

    Everyone talks about content marketing, but what actually is it? Content marketing is a type of marketing that is all about delivering valuable and relevant content to your target audience so that they regard you as an expert in your field.

    In the fitness world, content marketing is crucial to promoting your club to new and existing members. To be successful, your content must be relevant, useful and engaging.

    Using content marketing will strengthen your member loyalty and increase sales to new members. Content marketing is an important pillar of your marketing strategy and strengthens it in a sustainable way.

    In this blog, we’ve put together some content marketing tips to help you keep your audience engaged and involved.

    Know your audience

    It’s important to identify what kinds of messages your audience are most likely to respond to. All good marketing starts with testing – try different communication styles and messages to start to build an understand of what performs well and what doesn’t. Don’t forget – if something doesn’t work, it’s just as important for your learnings.

    Keep your content themes relevant

    To attract and retain your audience, you need to create relevant, original and engaging content. The challenge with the fitness industry is that the demographic is so varied, but they have one thing in common – fitness! Below are some ideas for content themes…

    What does content marketing look like?

    • All club news is important. First of all, you should communicate everything about your gym, be it class changes or announcements and opening times.

    • You could also introduce your trainers and employees, creating a sense of community and understanding. Write articles on fitness related tips, such as nutrition tips and recipes, to help you achieve specific fitness goals or cover different dietary habits. You can also provide instructions for specific exercises and training sessions.

    • Give your customers support outside the gym by providing them with some healthy recipes to try at home.


    • Content marketing is also seasonal, why not suggest programs for the summer or ideas on how best to tackle the food-heavy holidays around Christmas.
    Content marketing examples

    Use your experience

    Think about conversations you’ve had with members and collect topics and ideas from there. All fitness and health content can provide valuable support to your members’ progress and help them achieve their fitness and health goals.

    Your App is the perfect place to do all of this. We offer many different ways to present your content from news and info articles, to our Marketing Automation solution, push messages, promotional banners, submenus and local marketing function.

    Get started now!

    Our content marketing solutions support you in creating appealing marketing and in turn retaining members and gaining new ones!

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    Engage your members during the summer holiday season

    Engage your members during the summer holiday season

    Increase member engagement during the summer holiday months

    Do you find it difficult to reach your members in summer? In the school holiday, summer months, many members have other things on their mind than hitting the gym.

    That’s why we have put together a few ideas on how you can make it easier for them to  and strengthen your member loyalty even in summer.

    1. Offer summer workouts

    You could offer classes perfectly tailored for summer:

    • outdoors
    • without equipment
    • easier exercises
    • earlier in the morning or later at night when the temperature is cooler

    You’re the experts, so you’ll probably have even more ideas than we do! You can advertise your great summer classes via your App. Or stream them via myFitApp@home into your App.

    These offerings also give your members the chance to stay fit using your workouts whilst on holiday, wherever they are in the world. You can also put together your own video collections in @home, which are specifically tailored to member needs in the summer.

    2. Share summer tips

    What sporting and health tips could your members make use of in the summer? Maybe you have some ideas on how to stay fit on holiday or tips on what to consider when training in summer, such as drinking enough or training at certain times in the day.

    Position yourself as an expert and give your members added value of belonging to your gym. You can even send all these great tips to your members, via your App, with Marketing Automation.

    3. Host events

    Engage your members with things they love to do in the summer – attend events!

    Why not organisae a summer party with games and fun for the whole family? With your App, you can easily inform all of your members by:

    • send messages via Marketing Automation
    • create an event with the event calendar
    • use our Content Marketing features, such as the promo screen.

    Make sure no one misses your summer highlights!


    We are happy to support you in strengthening your membership loyalty every summer. Get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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    Our partnership with Magicline

    Our partnership with Magicline

    Our partnership with Magicline

    Two open platforms: The best of both worlds

    We have entered into an international, strategic partnership with Magicline and are closely integrating our products and experience to jointly create new solutions for customers internationally.

    The unique bi-directional integration of both platforms will enable gym operators to leverage the strengths of both companies to deliver a great hybrid member experience inside and outside the gym.

    Thomas Schuster und Daniel Hanelt magicline myfitapp partnerschaft open space

    Thomas Schuster (myFitApp) and Daniel Hanelt (Magicline)

    Combined solution opens up new marketing opportunities

    Through this partnership, operators can create a fast, easy studio app tailored to their needs with a customised user experience, branding and rich functionality. They can design their studio app according to their own business requirements and connect it to Magicline.

    “We are pleased to have found another partner in myFitApp to further drive our open platform strategy ‘Open SPACE’. This creates an open ecosystem where customers have freedom of choice regarding the solutions they use, such as myFitApp or our MySports app,” commented Daniel Hanelt, CEO of Magicline.

    Positive interaction for customers

    The open approaches of both companies is leading to great synergies for innovative collaboration. Members who sign up in the myFitApp can book classes, manage their membership and add new subscriptions. They can also refer friends and guests or sign a membership contract directly.

    “The digital member experience and effective digital marketing have become essential to the success of fitness centres,” says Thomas Schuster, CEO of myFitApp. “We are very excited about the partnership and look forward to driving the digitalisation of gyms with our combined solution.”

    Find out how you can benefit from a partnership today

    Innovatise ist Pionier im Bereich mobiles Marketing und Erschaffer von myFitApp, einer offenen, flexiblen, unabhängigen und digitalen Marketing-Plattform für die Fitness-Branche. Fitnessstudios und -ketten nutzen myFitApp, um ihre Marke zu stärken, Mitglieder zu binden, neue zu gewinnen und den Umsatz mit der einzigartigen Kraft des Smartphones zu steigern.

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    Why are existing customers so important?

    Why are existing customers so important?

    Why are existing


    so important?

    In the fitness world we often hear of centres with a lack of new customers or a decline in new memberships. As a result, changes, marketing and offers are geared towards attracting new customers.

    Acquiring new customers is definitely an essential part of a functioning marketing strategy for fitness centres, but few talk about the members who stay – even during the hard times. Since the pandemic, the differences have become apparent; centres that are only trying to attract new customers vs those trying to keep a relationship with current customers by creating options for their members.

    Realigning your focus

    Focusing on existing customers is cheaper than focusing only on new customers. Winning new memberships can be expensive and time-consuming. Marketing campaigns and offers cost time, money and effort. New members also mean more effort for your trainers, and you’ll need to continue to manage to keep these members.

    Therefore, it is essential to focus on member retention. Our fitness business platform myFitApp can help you succeed with customer retention.

    Social interaction

    People trust people 😁. This means that any social interaction binds members to your gym.

    Over 50% of customers are more likely to renew their contract if they train with friends and take part in classes or even make new friends in your centre. Contact with your trainers and staff also promotes member loyalty.

    With our myFitApp@home platform, members can stay in touch through chat in streams and motivate and support each other. They can also make appointments for training or livestreams. In addition, they can train with their favourite trainers, unique to your gym.

    Consistent communication

    Here is where your marketing campaigns and other communications come into play. Interaction and touchpoints via social media, App messages, etc. double the likelihood of members becoming your brand ambassadors.

    Through myFitApp, you can reach members anytime, anywhere. With news and updates on class changes, they are always up to date. Our Event Schedule helps your members book classes on their own and is a reliable source of information about when, where and with which trainer classes are taking place. 

    Through Marketing Automation, members receive the latest information and updates about your gym or leisure centre directly on their lock screen. And most importantly, they see if there are any unread messages as soon as they open the App. This creates a closeness and involves members in the gym activities.

    Everyone benefits

    All of these factors lead to your members remaining loyal to your centre. They are satisfied, which increases the likelihood that they will promote your gym and become brand ambassadors.

    This is made very easy with our Lead Generation solution.With this module, your members can invite their friends to a trial training session, in just a few clicks. In our cockpit, you can find detailed information about the leads generated and statistics on the success of your campaigns.

    A win-win situation – as your members promote your studio to their friends, who in the best case become new customers, and members have direct training partners who promote long-term memberships. This shows that the focus on member retention, but also generates new members; a cycle that creates consistent revenue for you.

    Innovatise ist Pionier im Bereich mobiles Marketing und Erschaffer von myFitApp, einer offenen, flexiblen, unabhängigen und digitalen Marketing-Plattform für die Fitness-Branche. Fitnessstudios und -ketten nutzen myFitApp, um ihre Marke zu stärken, Mitglieder zu binden, neue zu gewinnen und den Umsatz mit der einzigartigen Kraft des Smartphones zu steigern.

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