New ClubReady partnership

New ClubReady partnership

ClubReady partnership gives fitness business owners advantages in a rapidly changing market

We are delighted to announce our partnership with ClubReady, the US leading provider of full-suite studio fitness and wellness club management software and services, to offer our open, flexible, independent, mobile marketing platform, myFitApp, to the fitness industry.

With the new partnership, ClubReady customers can build their business with the power of a branded member app they design and manage, including the modern features members demand with the flexibility clubs need. This creates an unbeatable combination with the backend strength and scalability of the ClubReady suite.

In addition to creating and managing their branded app themselves, with myFitApp powered by ClubReady, fitness businesses can retain members, acquire new ones and upsell existing members with a range of features, including:

  • Booking and Event Scheduling quick and easy booking for members
  • Content Marketing gyms can create and publish content in their app in minutes
  • myFitApp@home built-in live-streamed and on-demand video platform
  • Monetisation and Paywall integrated payment for physical and digital goods and services
  • Lead Generation integrated referral programs that can pay for the app many times over
  • Attendance and Access Control that prevent fraud and increase revenue

Combined with the ClubReady core suite for member management, billing, CRM, staff management, business analytics, performance tracking, and managed sales services, the partnership offers the most robust mobile fitness technology solution in the industry.

“The fitness industry is becoming increasingly member-centric and many want the flexibility to workout at home or wherever they are. The advanced capabilities of myFitApp enable studios to deliver a hybrid experience that delivers on their brand promise with every touch,” said Darol Lain, President of ClubReady. “At the same time, it empowers gym operators with advanced sales and marketing tools to drive new members and retain and upsell existing members.”

“The gym market is rapidly growing and evolving,” commented Thomas Schuster, CEO of Innovatise, the company behind myFitApp. “Fitness businesses need tools to deliver an outstanding user experience, a marketing platform to acquire and retain customers, and a powerful solution to manage it all as the business grows. The combination of myFitApp and ClubReady does exactly that.”

Learn more about the advantages of this new partnership

Elevate’s official App provider

Elevate’s official App provider

We are delighted to be working with the UK’s largest trade show dedicated to physical activity, fitness and sports therapy, Elevate.

To meet their sustainability commitments, myFitApp will replace the traditional printed show guide.

The App not only allows visitors access to everything they need – from the Elevate full programme, to event information and floor plan, it also opens up marketing opportunities for exhibitors. From advertising banners, to prize draws and the exhibitor list, the App is a one-stop-shop for the two day trade show.

“We are delighted to be working with myFitApp for Elevate this year. As we move towards a more sustainable event, moving from the traditional event guide to an App was inevitable – and myFitApp have made this seamless. The App does everything the traditional event guide has done in the past and more by being more interactive and fully up to date, allowing us to make changes right up to show day!

The myFitApp team have been with us every step of the way in creating this bespoke offering. I would fully recommend them to anyone looking to use an App to innovate their business!” Lucy Findlay, Event Director, Elevate

Visitors and exhibitors are encouraged to download the App where Elevate will share all the latest news and information via push notifications and message conversations. Say goodbye to a tannoy on the day – all important information can be sent directly to attendee’s mobile phones, via our Marketing Automation module.

Tim Williams, Head of Business Development at Innovatise, the team behind myFitApp said “Elevate’s brand new event App demonstrates the versatility of myFitApp. We are delighted to be working with the team at Elevate on this project – not only to improve sustainability, but to digitise the show using the power of mobile.”

myFitApp are exhibiting at Elevate at the ExCel London on 15th and 16th June. Come and visit us at stand G70.


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UK Roadshow

UK Roadshow

We’re coming to a city near you!

We are delighted to be offering three UK Roadshow events, this July. There’s a packed agenda with plenty of opportunities to chat to our team in person and meet other operators using our solution.

Spaces are limited and will fill quickly, so be sure to register early!



We are running three Roadshows across the UK. You’ll only need to attend one, so pick the location closest to you. 

Tuesday 19th July: Emirates Arena – Glasgow Life, Glasgow

Wednesday 20th July: The Waterside Hotel, Manchester

Thursday 21st July: Stevenage Arts & Leisure Centre, Stevenage

Due to limited space, we ask that only two people per organisation attend

Who should attend?

This event is ideal for those working in Fitness, Operations and/or Marketing.


The agenda

10am – Arrive & refreshments
10.30am – Welcome & introduction
11am – Group session 1: Maximise your App with Lead Generation and Marketing Automation
12pm – Group session 2: Top tips and quick wins for success
1pm – Lunch
2pm – Group session 3: Product update
3pm – Closing thoughts and Q&A
4pm – Finish


Your hosts

We’d love you to join us

myFitApp’s Access Control transforms SETU Arena’s member experience

myFitApp’s Access Control transforms SETU Arena’s member experience

myFitApp’s Access Control transforms SETU Arena’s member experience

Following a kick-start from the pandemic, many fitness centres are continuing to strengthen their digital offering to members. From digital only memberships to virtual workouts, to new technologies enhancing the member journey – many gyms and leisure centres are looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve.

Innovatise, the team behind myFitApp is leading the way in revolutionising gym’s and leisure centre’s digital strategy. The latest technology within myFitApp’s platform is Access Controlusing the member’s smartphone as an alternative way to enter & check-into the gym or register attendance. With Access Control, members can get into the gym or sign into classes & activities quickly and easy with just one tap or scan from their phone running your myFitApp branded member App.

Access Control transforms the member journey with a great user experience. Users love the modern and convenient approach to gym entry. Forgotten your membership card or wristband? No problem – you’ll always have your phone with you.

Not only do members love it, but there are many benefits for the centres themselves too. Access Control increases revenue by reducing fraudulent entries as well as freeing up staff member’s time to focus on other things, like member retention. It also saves the gym money as there is no need to purchase a card, tag or wristband for each member.

It’s an environmentally friendly option, reducing plastic usage and so helping gyms and leisure centres to reduce their carbon footprint. And it drives even more members to use the App, making it easier for gyms to easily communicate and market to members in real-time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in one place.

We spoke to Aaron Grant, General Manger at SETU Arena, who have transformed their member experience with Innovatise’s Access Control solution.

Can you tell us a little bit about SETU Arena?

SETU Arena is the largest sports, conference and events centre in the South East of Ireland. The multipurpose facility caters for a wide range of events such as recreational gym users, high performance athletes, multipurpose sports, kids’ activity camps, leisure and entertainment events and conferences. It also boasts are “Edge Gym”, high performance gym, fitness lab, fitness studios for over 40 different exercise classes along with three training (lecture) rooms for SETU Students attending sports’ courses.

Why did you need an Access Control solution?

We want our members to be able to engage with all our services in one place. Our App gives us this functionality. Currently members can book a gym slot or fitness class, purchase a membership, issue feedback and their activity in our App. We wanted to be able to add a feature to allow them to have the option to access their membership card and gain entry to our facility within the App / their mobile phone.

How does the Access Control solution benefit your members?

A large number of members have lost or forgotten their membership cards. Access Control in our App is great for members as it is ‘one less thing to remember to bring’. We surveyed our members prior to implementing tap and scan gym/class entry, and we found that 97% of members own a smartphone, 80% bring their smartphone to the gym or fitness class and 90% of members who used the gym, used their smartphone to listen to music while working out. This made it a logical solution for us to move toward this Access Control feature.

Feedback has been positive, and the Access Control solution has been very well received. Members find it very easy to use.

So that’s the Access Control benefits for your members, what about benefits for your club and team?

Not only can members access our facilities more quickly, it also saves reception staff time generating and producing membership cards, allowing them to focus on other tasks.

We’ve also seen some cost savings – the changeover has saved us in the production of membership cards and the associated administrative costs that are associated e.g., ordering, design, and the set-up of cards for members.

How did you find the Access Control set-up process?

The set-up process was very straight forward. Prior to the install, we were operating with our facility management software on a desktop PC, a Nortech controller for our turnstile, and a barcode (USB plug and play) reader for members to scan their membership card for entry.

Installing Access Control involved simply replacing the barcode reader with NFC and QR code tags – allowing members to either tap their smartphone or scan the QR code to gain entry.

The install was straight forward. Innovatise provided the fully branded tap or scan tags. We installed a couple of cables to which their engineers, CCTech, configured. All that was then left to do, was to update our Branded Member App with a tile linking to the reader, for members to be able to access with their smartphone upon entry.

How does Access Control compliment your digital and mobile offering?

It allows our members to access another service feature from our Branded Member App. This means they can now access our facilities, book a fitness class or gym session, refer a friend, and view the latest news and information, all in one place!

I would highly recommend using Access Control if your members currently own and use smartphones. The solution is slick, simple, and effective.

Ready to start with your own Access Control solution?

myFitApp selected to improve mental and physical wellbeing of students

myFitApp selected to improve mental and physical wellbeing of students

Mind Body Boost selects myFitApp to improve mental and physical wellbeing of students across Europe

We are delighted to have been chosen as the Mind Body Boost project App provider.

The Mind Body Boost program is an Erasmus+ funded project designed to improve the mental and physical wellbeing of students across seven European institutions.

myFitApp was selected due to its flexibility which allows a wide variety of visual styles and custom user experiences to be implemented, whilst having an app management web interface that is simple enough to allow someone with no prior experience to quickly learn and operate all its components.

The ability to adapt the App quickly and easily was an important requirement for the Mind Body Boost team. The project is a pilot project, so content is constantly being changed or updated in response to feedback received. Our myFitApp platform easily accommodates this type of dynamic project. With user experience configurations to fit all situations, Mind Body Boost were able to easily configure their own App, in-house, through one single ‘master site’ that could be replicated and adapted across all seven European sites.

The program consists of a six week (one session per week), custom-designed, fitness and mental intervention delivered by experts in sport and counselling services.

The overall aim of the Mind Body Boost project is to encourage social inclusion and equal opportunities in sport. After several successful pilot programs launched by partners at Trinity College Dublin, Mind Body Boost decided they needed an app to accompany the delivery of each session.

The App was designed with two functions – the provision of additional resources to supplement the material presented during the program, and a centralised place to host various surveys used to collect feedback data regarding the efficiency of the program and feedback of delivery.

Alexander Morrison, Mind Body Boost Project Assistant said of the App – “The seamless integration of both functions within one app tool allows the students to access excellent online resources, alongside the surveys we need to collect data about the program. The support we have had from the team at myFitApp has been incredible. They have been there to help us create and launch the App through every step of the process, providing support from the smallest design query all the way to helping push our App through a stringent Apple Store application process. I can confidently say the App would not be what it is now, nor would we have been able to launch it within our time-scale without the myFitApp team!”

The App provides a central location for the students to access any resources they might need throughout the program. This content includes a summary of the material presented during the program, a bank of additional online resources which provide students with a variety of mindfulness exercises and exercise classes, and importantly it hosts several resources to signpost students to professional help when in crisis. The usefulness of the App extends past the student’s participation in the program. The App can be used as a reference when students would like to refresh their understanding of the topics presented.

Innovatise, the company behind myFitApp, supports over 2,300 gyms, leisure centres and Universities and it is important to their team to be able to improve the mental and physical wellbeing of individuals all over the world.

Thomas, Innovatise CEO said “We are delighted to be able to support the incredible vision of the Mind Body Boost project. At Innovatise, we are dedicated to providing solutions to organisations that directly support individuals with their physical and mental health, and this project encapsulates that, into one App. The Mind Body Boost program really showcases the flexibility and depth of our App solution and we’re extremely proud of that.”



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Use your App to improve member communication

Use your App to improve member communication

Use your App to improve

member communication

Use your App to improve

member communication

Use your App to improve member communication

Communication is essential between any business and their customers. Good communication in the fitness industry creates happy members and, in turn, boosts retention. 

Whether it’s celebrating a milestone or offering motivation for a member who is booked into a new class, having regular contact with your customers has lots of advantages.

But, sometimes it’s easier said than done! That’s where myFitApp can help…

Are you looking to improve member communication? Are your team spending lots of time writing emails or making telephone calls to speak to your customers? The Marketing Automation module within myFitApp allows you to engage with your members, via your App, with real-time, personalised rich messages with push notifications.

Marketing Automation is a powerful tool for keeping your members informed with the latest news, club updates and centre promotions. These messages are quick and easy to create, as well as being customisable, measurable and secure.

Here’s how Marketing Automation can benefit both you and your members:

1. Strengthen customer loyalty

You can reach your members everywhere, all they need to do is download your App. Keeping them up to date with club news and information will strengthen your customer relationships. This will support your retention strategy. Without retention, you will be spending a lot more money attracting new clients rather than keeping your current ones.

2. Measure success

With Marketing Automation you can test and learn, to ensure your messages are performing as well as possible. You can check the performance of all messages in real-time, with data on clicks and views. With this information you can optimise future campaigns to ensure you’re sending your members messages that they find useful and want to engage with. 

3. Your members won’t miss another message!

Email communications can get lost in busy inboxes, but with our Marketing Automation module – your members will be notified and can easily access your latest messages. Not only via push notifications, but also with In-App reminders.

marketing automation in-app notification

4. Keep member data safe and secure

Our module benefits from private and secure data transmission, without the need to pass information on to third-parties. There is no concern for your team, or members, with myFitApp compared to other messaging apps – the conversations and messages within myFitApp are completely secure.

5. Quick and easy to create and manage campaigns

With our easy to use campaign builder, you can create messages with text, links, videos and images. You can tailor who these messages should be sent to and can differentiate between clubs, without any additional manual work. So, for example, if your Zumba instructor is off sick, you can send a tailored message to only those booked into the Zumba class, to let them know it has been cancelled. 

You can also set when your message should be sent. With the scheduling option you can plan ahead, saving your team time whilst reaching members at appropriate times. You can even create templates for recurring message to use time and time again. 

You need a strong communication plan, and Marketing Automation can support you to nurture  members, keeping them happy and motivated. As you increase member satisfaction and loyalty, gym referrals are more likely to roll in, as well as good reviews.

Ready to communicate with your members?