Easy ways to increase membership sales

Easy ways to increase membership sales

Easy ways to increase

membership sales

Easy ways to increase

membership sales

Easy ways to increase membership sales

If you’re looking for ways to increase your gym membership sales, then this article is for you. In it, we’ll cover everything from understanding your unique selling point (USP) to using our Lead Generation module to make the process as simple for you and your customers as possible.

If you’re looking for ways to increase your gym membership sales, then this article is for you. In it, we’ll cover everything from understanding your unique selling point (USP) to using our Lead Generation module to make the process as simple for you and your customers as possible.

Understand your unique selling point (USP)

When you’re asked about your gym, you might say something like: “We have a great selection of classes and machines.” This is an okay answer, but it doesn’t really resonate with people. You want them to feel excited about your club and facilities.

Once you know what it is that makes you stand out from the competition, it gives your team the tools they need to give future customers a reason to sign up!

Master your lead management process

  • Make sure you and your team know the stages of your lead management process. There’s nothing worse than an enquiry getting lost in the system. You want all prospects to have the best start to their member journey as possible.
  • myFitApp’s in-App Lead Generation module will do the managing for you! Find out more about how you can integrate your refer a friend campaign into your App, turning your members into brand ambassadors and an extension of your sales team here.

Use marketing automation

Once you’ve got your lead generation campaign set up – why not use marketing automation to advertise it?

Push notifications via your member App is a great place to start, with myFitApp’s Marketing Automation module you can send notifications to your members at anytime, anywhere. Find out more here.

Upsell to existing and lapsed members

A great way to keep your existing members happy is to upsell them. By offering an incentive — even if it’s just a free trial — you can ensure that they’ll come back and visit your gym or leisure centre again soon. Here are a few ideas:

  • Offer them one class per week for free, or give them a free PT session (this might be the motivation they need to keep their membership for longer).
  • Let them know about any upcoming events or competitions taking place at the gym so that they can sign up for those as well (and hopefully bring their friends!).
  • Give them a guest pass to bring a friend or family member – a gift for them, and hopefully a future member for you!

Utilise your mailing list

If you have the data, use it! You can use email marketing to send out emails and newsletters to highlight new membership offers, refer a friend campaigns and events. This is a great way to make sure that your members and prospects have access to exclusive offers and content that they wouldn’t otherwise have received.

Get started now!

Find out how our Branded Member App and Lead Generation module can support your membership sales strategy.

Things to consider when designing an app

Things to consider when designing an app

Things to consider when designing an app

Things to consider when designing an app

When designing an app for your fitness business, you may be wondering what the best approach is. There are no hard and fast rules – but we’ve put together some ideas that might help. Here are our top tips:

Plan the user journey first

Knowing your user journey and what is going to appear on which sub-level, is crucial before you start designing your app. Simply create a list of the app screens and what buttons you need. By breaking this down, you can better define how each section should function and how your user will move around the app, creating a seamless user experience.

Use your own brand guidelines

It’s important that your design is consistent and cohesive. Your app design should be consistent across all screens, so users know what to expect when they tap a button or open an attachment. When designing an app, there are several elements of your brand guidelines that can help you do this:

• Fonts and text size

• Button shapes and colours

• Image styles and colour palettes

• Logo usage

• Tone of voice

Consistency is key

Consistency is key to not only a good user experience, but to ensure your customers have a good brand experience. Using the same fonts, text size and buttons throughout your app will create an overall aesthetic that feels familiar and comfortable for your users. This doesn’t mean you have to use the same exact design elements on every screen – you can still be creative with colour palettes and layout choices – but try not to go overboard with those things either!

Imagery is important 

Images should be used to paint a picture of your club and help users understand the products and services you have to offer. Make sure they are relevant to the user journey, consistent with your brand guidelines, and work with your app button placement.

Keep it clean and simple

Consistent spacing between elements, buttons and icons in your app’s interface is important for the user experience; try to keep buttons in the same place on every screen so that users don’t have to learn where everything is every time they open the app or navigate between screens.

You can use the same button sizes and spacing throughout your app if they work well together. If your buttons are too big or small, or have different spacing between them, users will get confused quickly because they won’t know where they should click next while using your app – this can lead to frustration which can cause them to not want to continue using it.

Use it to advertise your offering

You can also use the app to promote your brand, website, social media and blog, as well as any in-club offers or services. Up-selling in your app can be made easy whilst you have the user’s attention.

Consider how you can best use the app to promote and integrate these aspects of your business into one cohesive experience for customers who have downloaded it.

All good things come to those who plan

Planning your app is essential, but it’s not just about the product. Good planning is about the user journey, and that starts before you even start designing your app (the fun part!).

You should have a clear understanding of any problems you are trying to solve, who you are trying to solve those problems for and how you will go about solving them. This isn’t something that can be achieved overnight—it takes time and effort from all parties involved: from stakeholders in the business to your designers and gym team. It’s all about communication at this stage; once everyone understands their role in creating an enjoyable experience for users, then they can begin working toward that goal together!

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Now you’ve thought about your app and the journey to get there, it’s time to find a provider! Find out how we can help you get started, and transform your business, with myFitApp.

What is content marketing?

What is content marketing?

What is content marketing?
And why is it essential?

Everyone talks about content marketing, but what actually is it? Content marketing is a type of marketing that is all about delivering valuable and relevant content to your target audience so that they regard you as an expert in your field.

In the fitness world, content marketing is crucial to promoting your club to new and existing members. To be successful, your content must be relevant, useful and engaging.

Using content marketing will strengthen your member loyalty and increase sales to new members. Content marketing is an important pillar of your marketing strategy and strengthens it in a sustainable way.

In this blog, we’ve put together some content marketing tips to help you keep your audience engaged and involved.

Know your audience

It’s important to identify what kinds of messages your audience are most likely to respond to. All good marketing starts with testing – try different communication styles and messages to start to build an understand of what performs well and what doesn’t. Don’t forget – if something doesn’t work, it’s just as important for your learnings.

Keep your content themes relevant

To attract and retain your audience, you need to create relevant, original and engaging content. The challenge with the fitness industry is that the demographic is so varied, but they have one thing in common – fitness! Below are some ideas for content themes…

What does content marketing look like?

  • All club news is important. First of all, you should communicate everything about your gym, be it class changes or announcements and opening times.

  • You could also introduce your trainers and employees, creating a sense of community and understanding. Write articles on fitness related tips, such as nutrition tips and recipes, to help you achieve specific fitness goals or cover different dietary habits. You can also provide instructions for specific exercises and training sessions.

  • Give your customers support outside the gym by providing them with some healthy recipes to try at home.


  • Content marketing is also seasonal, why not suggest programs for the summer or ideas on how best to tackle the food-heavy holidays around Christmas.
Content marketing examples

Use your experience

Think about conversations you’ve had with members and collect topics and ideas from there. All fitness and health content can provide valuable support to your members’ progress and help them achieve their fitness and health goals.

Your App is the perfect place to do all of this. We offer many different ways to present your content from news and info articles, to our Marketing Automation solution, push messages, promotional banners, submenus and local marketing function.

Get started now!

Our content marketing solutions support you in creating appealing marketing and in turn retaining members and gaining new ones!